On Demand 1-to-1
Nutrition and Fitness

On Demand
1-to-1 Nutrition
and Fitness


Dupl Experts and Coaches specialise in 2 areas:

Get Fit with Dupl

Mike Preston BSc (Hon), REPs 3, FASTER Global Master Trainer
Head of Fitness Coaching & Motivation

Sports Performance with Dupl

Alexandra Cook BSc (Hon), Pg.Dip RD
Lead Sports Performance Nutrition & Endurance Expert
Dupl Expert Consultations are delivered via our Web and Mobile apps
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What’s included.

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First session FREE
1-month plan is only £89
Weekly 1-to-1 expert consultations
Your tailored plan
Regular ‘nudges’ from your expert
Lasting results
The first session with your Expert is FREE.
If you choose to progress you’ll have 3+ hours support from your expert using Dupl’s video and chat application and a fully tailored package.
Our experts normally charge £100 per hour for calls or visits, so four consultations would cost over £400. With Dupl you have convenient and frequent access to a UK leading expert for only £89.
You can decide to continue or stop after the first month - it’s up to you!
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