How to condition your body for the biggest day of your sporting career

How to condition your body for the biggest day of your sporting career

It’s essential to be in peak physical and mental condition for the most important date in your sporting calendar, whether it’s the start of the football season or an ultra-marathon.

Timing is everything

Unless you’re a professional athlete, however, finding the time to train can be tough, and finding the discipline to eat only the right foods can be even tougher.

By providing the right expert advice we make this process easier by breaking down training and nutrition into cycles with specific objectives in mind. We believe periodisation is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of every minute and every meal.

Elite athletes have used the principles of periodisation for years to maximise performance. Three training cycles – base, competition and recovery/transition – spread across a period of roughly 20 weeks, make sure your ever-changing physical demands are met. These cycles focus on strength, conditioning and endurance and match your food intake to the intensity of your training regime at any given time.

Fuel your body the right way

Each training cycle places unique demands on your body, so it’s key to tailor your nutrition to suit.

The base cycle is spent nourishing your body, enhancing your recovery capabilities and preparing it for the intensity of the competition phase. We assess, trial and review every strategy with you to ensure you perform at your best on competition day. No magic bullets, no shortcuts.

One of our experts can plan your pre-and post-workout meals to optimise your training, covering:

  • Which foods to eat
  • The best times to eat
  • How to eat immediately before your big event

Everyone has different training goals, schedules and nutritional requirements. Our approach is personalised, because one size doesn’t fit all.

Your training matters to us

Whether you’re training for an upcoming event, aiming to build muscle mass, reduce body fat, improve power: weight ratio, increase strength, power, flexibility, and endurance or sculpt a new physique speak to us. Perhaps you don’t have 20 weeks left before competition day, or you want advice on how to keep your training up in the off-season. We’ll help by assigning a personally matched expert across many sporting areas to tailor a training and nutrition plan to your needs and deliver via one-to-one video consultations and on-going advice, motivation and support.

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