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Sports Performance with Dupl

Alexandra Cook BSc (Hon), Pg.Dip RD

Lead Sports Performance Nutrition & Endurance Expert

Hi, I’m Alex, and I lead performance nutrition and dietetics for sport performance at Dupl.

I have a passion for helping beginners to advanced athletes achieve positive change in their day-to-day lives and excel in their Sports including Running, Swimming & Cycling. As an athlete juggling competitive running, two children and a career myself, I understand how daily life can impact health, fitness and food choices.

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Alexandra’s credentials
  • Sports Science BSc (Hon), University of Birmingham, Pg.Dip RD Nutrition & Dietetics, Edinburgh University
  • Competitive distance runner – won the Endurance Life Exmoor Marathon, beating the course record by 14 minutes!
  • Writes for Athletics Weekly, Running Fitness, Fit & Well, Woman Magazine and Trail Running
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