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Mike Preston BSc (Hon), REPs 3, FASTER Global Master Trainer

Head of Fitness Coaching & Motivation

Hi, I’m Mike, and I lead motivational fitness coaching and training here at Dupl.

I’m your antidote to the dreadful dieting industry with its one size fits all recipe of denial and failure. You’re unique and deserve a personalised approach and with Dupl I can guide and support you wherever and whenever needed.

Claim Your Free Session and we can discuss your needs and how I and the Dupl team of leading Sports Nutritionists, Dietitians, Coaches & Fitness Experts can help you achieve your personal goals.
Mike’s credentials
  • Completed performance coach training through Lane4 and Motivational Science & Behaviour change methodology from Professor Stuart Biddle, Loughborough University
  • Helped and supported over 1,500 people achieve their health & wellbeing goals and 2,000+ employees achieve both their personal and professional goals
  • Member of UK Trailblazer team with SkillsActive & AIQ, reshaping the content of fitness qualifications
Rep Lane4 Faster Fitness